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What others say about you can destroy your brand

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Reputation management is an integral part of any business. What others say about you can build – and destroy – your brand. With the increasing presence of businesses and consumers on social media, the potential audience for adverse comments is unfathomably large.

We also have widespread experience in representing defendants to claims of libel and slander, particularly bloggers and distributors of defamatory content on social media.

Our extensive experience covers the following areas of defamation proceedings: –

  • Applications for an injunction to prevent publication of adverse material either online, in print or on television/radio
  • Pre-publication negotiations and agreements
  • Claims and defences to claims under the Defamation Act 2013
  • Claims relating to the publication of third-party material
  • Claims of innocent distribution of defamatory content under the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002


Within our many years of expertise, we have worked on many cases within litigation for a client’s reputation. Amongst our many successes are:

  • Successfully claimed a retraction, damages, and a charitable donation from the Daily Mail on behalf of a private individual in relation to an article published about her private life
  • Advised a national producer in urgently preventing the publication of an article claiming that its food product contained animal bi-products
  • Advised a private individual in claims against a blogger in libel and slander for publications made on a blog about the client’s professional dealings
  • Advised an estate agent in pre-publication negotiations with the BBC which successfully prevented publication of a news report suggesting it had orchestrated the breach of subletting laws


We handle all types of commercial litigation for claimants and defendants, with a solution-focused approach built around you and your needs. We look at the commercial drivers relevant to you and the commercial imperatives for resolution, then work with you to determine the right line of attack.

As a resilient, confident, and dynamic team of litigators, we know when it’s in your best interests to hit hard.

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